Welcome to SXP Music Network! Whether you are an entertainment professional looking for talent, or a band looking for more exposure then you've come to the right place.

Without an agent, manager, or a team of friends in your corner it will take you forever trying to make it by yourself...another option why not just go for it and audition for "The Voice." 

There are many ways to sell your project, CDs, and your talent. SXP Music Network does the pitching for you to third parties who are searching for new acts, and songs while you work, write or practice with your band! For beginners we'll help you with copyrights, and licensing organizations for your music. 

Our library of music gives credit to the talented songwriters, producers, publishers, and record companies.  

 Need help Booking your band?

Send your demo/mp3, EPK, and/or video to for our music/profile screening process.

We will sign you if you have a great attitude, between 18-35, and a marketable product. 

Since we do receive hundreds of submissions every week please be patient. Give us 2-3 weeks to respond.

SXP Music Network will provide Music/Songs for your website without copyright questions! Original songs to fit your business profile.

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This Month's "Featured Artist"

       Vanessa Dedmon


   A Germany Idol Finalist


        NOW SINGING!!!

         "Forever Yours"



Gary Dunham

                          Our new "Associate Camera Man"

                        Gary Dunham!!!

                      His credits include

"Air force One," the Karate Kid III, and "Hannibal"

                         to name a few.

                    Need to shoot a Video?

          Contact Gary at







Vanessa Dedmon